Who are some of the most famous dentists in history?

Perhaps most famous for his shooting at the OK, K Corral with his friend, Wyatt Earp, but Doc also had a day job as a dentist. Paul Revere, the most famous dentist of the American Revolution, was a man with many hats. Of course, he's known in the history books for warning the colonies of the impending attack by British troops, but when he wasn't involved in the fighting he had a few different jobs. He was a goldsmith, but he also advertised his services as a dentist.

More specifically, he specialized in manufacturing false teeth for people in need. Dan is one of the 26 richest and most influential dentists in the world. He has created a dental empire. He founded his company from home and from there it has grown into a multi-million dollar dental product company.

Democrat David Alameel believes in the American dream because he has lived it himself. He arrived in the United States when he was just twenty years old, leaving behind his large Lebanese Christian family. David was pumping gas and working in the fields to help his family. Alameel and Martha, his wife of 42 years, have two adult children, Mark and Nadya, and a grandchild.

Alameel has served on several civic boards and organizations in the Dallas area. He is an active philanthropist, with an emphasis on educational opportunities. He founded the Alameel Foundation to provide community services in the DFW area and is president of the LULAC Council of the Greater Texas League of Latin American Citizens. First of all, no summary of famous dentists would be complete without mentioning John Henry “Doc Holliday”, the mysterious and famous dentist from the Wild West who was involved in many famous stories from the Old West days, mainly, of course, “the shooting at the O.

Bill Dorfman is not only a famous cosmetic dentist and generalist, but he is THE most famous cosmetic dentist in the world.