Who are some of the most famous anesthesiologists in history?

Arthur Guedel, Ralph Waters, Robert Miller, Robert Macintosh, Archie Brain, Jon Benumof and John Pacey, whose inventions had the difficult respiratory tract intubated. These are the 20 best doctors who made significant progress in the history of anesthesia, as I see them. This is something that was highlighted at the recent annual anesthesiology meeting in San Francisco, California, from October 13 to 17.To recognize our industry colleagues who lead social media, LifeWire partnered with Canadian agency Sensei Marketing to identify influential people among anesthesiologists. From an initial list of more than 100 anesthesiologists, we narrowed it down to 29 doctors from the U.S.

UU. From there, we measure reach, participation, influence, authority, impressions, and reach. Simpson (1811-1870): A Scottish obstetrician begins administering chloroform to women for pain during childbirth. Chloroform quickly becomes a popular anesthetic for dental surgeries and procedures.

Chloroform was independently discovered in 1831 by the American Samuel Guthrie, the Frenchman Eugène Soubeiran, and the German Justus von Liebig.