What are some of the most famous medical experiments conducted by doctors?

At that time, treatment for syphilis, a. An experiment on stuttering carried out with 22 orphaned children in 1939 in Iowa, later became famous around the world under the name of the Monster Study. It was performed by Wendell Johnson, a speech pathologist at the University of Iowa. The horrible experiment was carried out by his graduate student Mary Tudor.

The 22 orphans were divided into two groups. One group received positive therapy for speaking fluently, another received negative therapy and was criticized for their speech imperfection. The result of this cruel and horrific experiment was that the negative group suffered negative physiological effects and some of them suffered speech problems for the rest of their lives. Eugene Saenger, a radiologist, exposed more than 88 cancer patients to large amounts of radiation.

These people didn't know that the experiment was funded by the Pentagon. They were told that the experiment was a treatment that could help cure them. The patients were exposed to radiation for one hour. All patients experienced nausea, vomiting, and mental confusion as side effects of exposure to radiation.

Most of them died from radiation poisoning.