What are some of the most famous medical articles written by doctors?

Chris Oseh, freelance medical writer for Kolabtree, lists the top 20 medical journals that doctors can publish in, ranked by impact factor and number of readers. The New England Journal of Medicine (N, E, J, M) is the second most reputable medical journal. The NEJM is a publication of the Massachusetts Medical Society in the United States of America and has existed for more than 200 years. NEJM publications, especially those related to global health, are free for users who have opened a free account.

It is a general medicine journal and accepts research from different specialties of medicine. It has rigorous editorial and peer review processes. New NEJM authors should request a pre-submission consultation to assess how their manuscript fits the NEJM. To speed up the process, you can request a quick review, which will take about 3 business days to receive feedback on the submitted manuscript.

Public access to approved manuscripts takes 6 months after approval and 6 weeks for rejected manuscripts. The Lancet is an internationally recognized general medicine journal published by Elsevier and accepts clinical trials and research articles in the general medicine category. It has an extensive editorial and review process. The British Medical Journal (B, M, J) is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal.

The B, M, J website has 2.7 million visits per month. Authors must comply with the submission guidelines for their manuscript to be considered. Annals Of Internal Medicine is a peer-reviewed weekly general medicine journal by the American College of Physicians. It has a readership base of 159,000 members that includes members of the American College of Physicians and other doctors from around the world.

It has a fast manuscript review process that allows the approval of the submitted manuscript within one month of its submission. However, authors must submit an application and be approved for rapid review. Authors are expected to follow their submission guidelines. Feedback from the first review takes about 33 days after submission.